Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Get Psyched! Our New CD, Tiny Cool, Set for April 2010 Unleashing!

In an effort to continue to promote high-energy fun for kids, Princess Katie & Racer Steve are unleashing their third CD, Tiny Cool.

With some surfer rock, a little bossa, electric guitar rock n' roll and some cool, catchy pop numbers, we feel we've accomplished what we set out to do: make some fun, cool music that kids will really love.

So, keep on the lookout for Tiny Cool in April and we hope you'll make it to our CD Unleash Concert at the 92Y Tribeca in NYC on April 18th @ 11 am.

Get your tickets here, my dear!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Stocker Center
Lorain County Community College, 1005 North Abbe Road, Elyria, Ohio

We had no idea, but the Stocker Center is making this concert a Pajama Concert due to the fact that it's at 7pm, the kids will be going nuts dancing and laughing and by the time the show is over, they'll be headed straight to their date with a pillow!

The Wharton Center
Michigan State University - Bogue St & Wilson, East Lansing, MI

Very exciting! We've played in Michigan before, but never East Lansing! We're very excited and hope that the kids feel free to dress up in costumes or as rock stars...we're in full support of expressing yourself through clothing!

FEBRUARY 21st - 4 PM
Music Hall Center Detroit
350 Madison Detroit, Michigan

What a gorgeous theatre the Music Hall in Detroit is! We're having so much fun on tour that we can't wait to see all the little kids from Detroit up and dancing with their favorite adults. Get your costumes on or just dress cool because we're all going to rock out something fierce!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Princess Katie & Racer Steve in "Kids Rock!" ELYRIA, OH!

Princess Katie & Racer Steve in "Kids Rock!" Elyria, OH

Pajama Concert at The Stocker Center!

February 18th 7 pm

Stocker Center

Elyria, OH

From The Collegian -

"If you’re tired of hearing your kids recite the same Barney songs over and over again, then you’ll be glad to know that Princess Katie and Racer Steve will be coming to LCCC to save your sanity.

This high-energy band is all about children’s entertainment, while offering a wide variety of music – from big band and reggae to alternative rock. Their enthusiasm for singing and dancing has been noted in magazines including Parenting Magazine making them a “Fave” for 2008.

Princess Katie and Racer Steve will be performing a concert in the Stocker Center on Feb. 18, at 7 p.m. Tickets for adults are $15, and for children age 12 and younger they cost $10. However, if you arrive at the ticket box office an hour and a half before the event, adults can receive half off on the “Take A Chance” ticket special for the concert.

This event will also be a pajama party. Bring your child in they’re favorite cozy pajamas; the bonus is they’ll be ready to go to bed afterwards."

Princess Katie and Racer Steve promise to give a performance you and your child can truly enjoy together."

Click the title of this post for tickets!