Saturday, June 15, 2013

Introducing... Tiny Cool!

Introducing Tiny Cool!  The newest member of the Princess Katie & Racer Steve family!  She's a feisty 6-year old who is the lead dancer in her parents' rock band for kids, Princess Katie & Racer Steve.

She loves James Brown, the moonwalk, swing and any other kind of dance except the Polka, but I think she can be swayed after watching a good one!

Please "like" her on Facebook and keep up with her cute posts about life in a rock band where your mom is a princess and your dad is a race car driver!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Princess Katie & Racer Steve Unleash Their New CD: Love, Cake & Monsters! Available Now on CDBABY!

Our latest CD:  Love, Cake & Monsters is out of the gate!  Get it on CD Baby here!

We're so excited about this CD because Princess Katie has finally got to add her dance tracks to this album, hoping to get everyone up and off the couch...enough with the screen time!  Let's do this!

With some super funk, pretty pop, ska, guitar-heavy rock, dynamic disco, orchestral and a Beatles-ish number, Love, Cake & Monsters is definitely going to be one album that'll hopefully have everyone bobbing their heads in the car!