Saturday, September 29, 2007


Dear Diary:

First of all, today's concert was incredible. What a surprise...blindfolded I entered the packed theatre, we sang, hit a pinata until neon glow sticks fell out for all the kids, we watched me open some pretty crazy presents from the band, danced, laughed and screamed "Hooray!" whenever Racer Steve held up the giant sign. Things got crazy when they rolled in the gigantic soccer ball I found from our song, "It's Not Mine."

The kids in the peanut gallery of the theatre got pom poms in all different colors, tattoos and gorgeous autographed pictures of all the band members. Hint Water supplied the delicious fruity water and between all the balloons, confetti, streamers and favors for the kids, I'm thinking everyone was pretty worn out after all was said and done. Hey, if you were at the concert, please send me pictures and I'll be sure to post them!

Halloween is coming and I'm excited. This month we're doing a lot of shows, so check the site for updates.

I remain,

Princess Katie

This picture is of an Ugly Doll. Ugly is the new cute, I guess.