Friday, March 21, 2008

Princess Katie & Racer Steve - Cookie Magazine Review!

Driving Rhythms
Don’t be fooled by the appearance of these cartoon characters come to life: This is one kids’ band that really knows how to rock.

Their getups may make them look like they’re moonlighting from amusement -park jobs, but Princess Katie and Racer Steve are no toddler-only joke. Along with Judo Champ Billy on bass and Crash the drummer, these guys are a serious rock-and-roll band--one that wouldn’t sound out of place opening for any current chart topper. You’ll get no artificial perk or childlike pitch from Katie’s decidedly adult singing voice, she sings FOR kids, not like them.

Her vocals are an appropriate accompaniment for Racer Steve’s masterful guitar shredding: The solo on "Sneakers" might make you wonder if his last name is Van Halen. The subject matter may be kid stuff, but the woman in the toy tiara and the guy in the faux-NASCAR gear are smart enough not to play down their audience.

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Off for a run in the enchanted forest, I remain,

Princess Katie