Tuesday, October 7, 2008

School Library Journal Review of Fast & Feisty!

Singer/Songwriter Katie O'Sullivan and her partner, Steve Borne, once again don their alternate personalities - Princess Katie & Racer Steve --- to entertain with ten original songs that cover topics from the holidays to hide and seek to sharing.  

Each fun, upbeat song features lyrics that are spot on and teaches an important lesson.  For example, "Looking for Trouble" is about the importance of being kind to your siblings, and "We Dress Ourselves" celebrates the joy children experience when picking out their own clothing. 

This excellent album spotlights a wonderful variety of musical styles including reggae, big band, and rock n' roll.  Katie's voice is rich and cabaret ready with comparisons to Natalie Merchant being inevitable.  Four skits interspersed among the songs are cute and stand alone nicely, but they would have worked even better if they were used as segues into the songs.    Princess Katie and Racer Steve are performers that every child and parent should get to know.  This fantastic album is a must-have for every children's collection.