Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Obama - Princess Katie Ticket? Almost, but not quite.

It's true.  Obama asked.  I painfully declined.  

"C'mon, Princess Katie," he begged, "being my running mate would be so exciting!  You'll get to see new places, make the world a better place, inspire people...oh, and they'll still be lots of kids surrounding you.   You'll love it."  I could not be swayed.   His attempt to convince me went on for hours and hours and I remember him using the word "change" often.  "You'll get to make a lot of change." "They'll be plenty of change."  I finally had to tell him that I am not motivated by money.  He looked at me strangely, then dropped the subject.

I knew he was desperate when he sent me this "unstaged" picture of two amazingly cute kids. "See, don't we look cute? Don't you think America will feel hopeful?  We're both cartoons! Everyone loves cartoons, right?"  I put my head down and shaking it back and forth said, "B (I call him "B" - we're tight) first of all, you're not really a cartoon here.   You're cartoon-ish, cartoon-like, maybe even cartoon 'lite.'  Secondly, I just think I need to be singing my songs, remaining a little kiddie rocker, making kids happy.  Joe's your man.  He's a good egg and appears to really be into the whole 'suit and tie/Senate thing.'"  After some thought, Obama agreed.   I went on to tell him that Joe would also most likely be taken a lot more seriously considering he wouldn't be wearing a tiara and hoop skirt and breaking into an acapella version of "Tell The Truth" at confirmation hearings whenever someone was being a little less than forthcoming with information. 

Yeah, sure, I was going to try to pass a bill for 5-day weekends, choose an all-kid Cabinet, install strobe lights, a disco ball and confetti launchers in the Oval office and change the handshake to a high-five, but you know what, I'd rather just stick to what I do and watch this new Administration lead like Lincoln on its own.

So, that's my story.  I'm really happy with my decision as I am incredibly proud of my new President and Vice-President.  This country is just fantastic and I feel hopeful that we'll become more of the America that I love: the America that helps other countries in need, the superpower that is truly super and the country that is respected and adored by all others for it's good work.  I look forward to watching this country make taking care of all children a top priority.*

*Disclaimer:  Uh, some of the information regarding "B" and I has been embellished to move the story forward.  Not much, but some.

**This picture was sent to me by a uber-cool dad yesterday.  It is actually an unstaged picture.  My heart melted.  When I looked closer and noticed the little boy was holding a copy of Fast & Feisty, it melted again.  Had to post.  Thanks to the parents for sharing it.