Saturday, February 14, 2009

Celebrity Baby Blog - - Reviews Revved Up & Ready To Rock!

"We have been great fans of Princess Katie & Racer Steve for quite some time now.  Their first CD, Songs For The Coolest Kids, as well as their second CD, Fast & Feisty, are favorites in our house.  We are also fortunate enough to live in New York City and can regularly attend their concerts.

For those of you who can't make it to a PKRS concert on a whim, the duo's newest DVD, Princess Katie & Racer Steve LIVE!  Revved Up & Ready To Rock! gives you a taste of what you're missing.  Featuring ten of their best songs from their first two albums, the live concert DVD also includes cool bonus features like the hilarious PKRS News feature and a behind the scenes look at the band.  This DVD is especially great for the winter months when it's too cold for your kid to run his energy off in the park.  Pop in this DVD and he'll dance his way straight to bedtime!

If you have a child who likes music, this DVD is a great investment."

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