Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Dear Diary:

Hi! I'm proud to say that I know the people who started this organization. They're a young, very cool couple from NYC with two beautiful, healthy little girls who spend their time helping children who aren't fortunate enough to be blessed with perfect health. Good people, huh?

I've chosen to write about this organization for many reasons, but mainly because the idea for our band, Princess Katie & Racer Steve sprung up unexpectedly as a result of our volunteer visits to kids in hospitals. For several years now, Racer Steve and I have been making visits to kids in hospitals. Initially, we dressed up as popular TV and movie characters and now, because we wanted to start performing original music for them, we created own characters! So, you never know what can come out of doing something kind for someone else. I never, ever expected to be singing, never mind being in a band.

So, as a result, I know firsthand what a tremendous impact a little entertainment, especially music, is for sick children in hospitals. That's why we're so impressed with The Kids Rock Organization.

Please read what I've cut and pasted from their site and if you feel inspired, click on the title of this post and visit their site.

"The Kids Rock! hopes to make a small difference in the lives of uninsured children diagnosed with cancer by donating CD players and MP3 players through the clinics where they are treated. The medical world can treat their disease with the vast wealth of knowledge and dedication they selflessly give. We as musicians and music lovers can help make this tough experience a lot easier by giving them some entertainment while they go through the treatments. Something to take their minds off the Chemotherapy and Radiation, something to remind them they are still kids!

In the future The Kids Rock! hopes to take the fun to bigger places, such as free trips to concerts, meeting the performers and even buying instruments for the kids who dream of being stars themselves. The Kids Rock!"

Isn't this what life is about?

Princess Katie