Monday, May 28, 2007

New Princess Katie & Racer Steve T-Shirts!

Adorable Diary:

Ah! Ye Olde T-Shirt Shoppe in the olde village has finally finished our t-shirts and we now have them up for sale! There's another style to be made, but for now, we have Princess Katie "Feisty" shirts in pale blue and baby pink (some sizes already sold out, though). To see or order them, click the title of this post!

We also have a t-shirt for boys AND girls of the whole band done in a retro cartoon style. There's me, Racer Steve, Super Chef Jeff, Judo Champ Billy, Torquie (Racer Steve's robot helper in his garage).

We hope you love them!

Remember...our next public show will be on June 21st. There will be 2 shows-- 3 pm and 4 pm at Bleecker Park in the West Village for the Make Music NY Festival. Hope you can come!

Thanks for reading, I remain,

Princess Katie