Monday, August 27, 2007

Hint Water Rocks at Princess Katie & Racer Steve Concerts!

Hey! It's Racer Steve taking over Princess Katie's Diary!

We're so royally psyched because the ultra-cool essence water, Hint Water, is sponsoring our Helen Mills Theatre Concert Series. The first of which is on September 29th for Princess Katie's Surprise Birthday Bash Concert (tickets:!

What does this mean to the tot rockers attending the concert? Well, it means they'll each be receiving a refreshing, cold bottle of Hint Water which won Health Magazine's Best Flavored Water Award for 2007! The greatest thing about Hint Water is the fact that it doesn't contain sugar, preservatives or calories! After all, who wants to be giving these cute little kids sugar to drink?

I think I'll go for the Mango Grapefruit and I think Princess Katie will probably want to give the Pear a try!

Mango Grapefruit - Pomegranite Tangerine - Lime - Raspberry Lime - Peppermint - Pear - Tropical Punch - Cucumber -Kiwi-Strawberry

So, we'll see you at the concert! Drink Hint. Check out their website by clicking the title of the post above.