Friday, August 3, 2007's Princess Katie's Surprise Birthday Concert!

(in a whisper)

Okay, so this is Racer Steve taking over Princess Katie's Diary. We're having a SURPRISE Birthday Concert for Princess Katie & you're all invited. Below are the details. Remember, space is limited, so order tickets early. They go on sale today!

Saturday, September 29th @ 11 am
Helen Mills Theatre
139 West 26th Street (6 & 7th Aves)
Tickets are available:

Click the link above to order tickets!

This is going to be an outrageously cool concert! You'll help us shout out "SURPRISE" to Princess Katie, get a cool PKRS tattoo, watch her open up some ridiculous gifts from the band and dance ye little shoes off. Plus, the concert is sponsored by Hint Water, Health Magazine's Winner for Best Flavored Water 2007, so you'll get to drink your "waah waah" with some added flavor!

Covered in motor oil with a big grin on my face,

Racer Steve