Friday, August 29, 2008

Kiddie Rock Musicians! Let's band together!

Hi fellow kiddie rockers!

One of the things our band enjoys doing is performing for kids in hospitals or for underprivileged kids.  We have 3 concerts coming up at the NYU Medical Center (in October - but we visit every few months) and one at the Ronald McDonald House (in December).   I was thinking that it would be great for these kids to be able to leave these events with music or, if we don't get enough, we would be able to donate a bunch to the library at the NYU Medical Center and/or Ronald McDonald House.

So, if you wish to donate some of your music or your DVD, shoot me an email (you can click the title of this post and then click the little envelope icon at the top of our website) and I'll give our address.  Our next trip to NYU is on October 2oth, and our Ronald McDonald concert is in December 4th.   

Many of the kids we've visited over the years don't get the chance to go to concerts and most parents are too busy dealing with the illness that they don't even know what great music there is out there for kids (indie music, anyway).

I hope this works out.  I realize that as performers, we get many requests for donations and for free performances, so don't feel pressure.

Thanks in advance!

Princess Katie