Saturday, August 2, 2008

Princess Katie's New Assistant, West Ginger Liberty!

Well, things have been very, very busy here in the Kingdom.  Between local uprisings, festivals, Kings being overthrown and loose unicorns, I can't seem to keep up.  So, I hired an assistant.

Her name is West Ginger Liberty and if you made it to the DVD shoot, you saw her (and if you hung around, you met her).   

She's thee best!  Honestly!  I just love her and hope to bring her to some future shows.  She'll be on the DVD and at upcoming performances!  Also, she may be doing some blogging for me from time to time.

So, now you know her and can scream, "Hey there, West!" when you see her.  She LOVES being recognized in public.  Oh, some other info about her:  she's a Virgo, loves brown rice, a good joke, babies & kids, can be a bit frazzled at times (pretty often, actually) and loves dancing!

More news soon.  Thank you for coming out, Philly!  You were very charming!

Princess Katie & West