Saturday, May 5, 2007

Help! I'm In Love With A Bandshell!

Dear Diary:

Okay, so maybe I'm not "in love" with the bandshell in Central Park, but I did LOVE playing it! Our concert today was FANTASTIC! To quote a mom, "The best yet!" These are the things that made today great:

***THE KIDS WERE SOOO CUTE! I mean, seriously. They were. No, really, I mean it. They were all dancing and playing with one another. They were sharing the soccer balls we threw out to the crowd, they shared the streamers. They looked so cute in their little spring clothes. Adorable.
***The weather was AMAZING. It was sunny and 75 degrees!
***The bandshell is in thee most incredible spot. Right near the fountain and surrounded by grass and trees, but with a huge space for dancing. I love New York City and I love this beautiful park.
***When you're in in the bandshell, you're way up high, so you can see the entire crowd (which was a big, big crowd) and watch everyone as they square-dance, rock out and act silly.

Thanks to everyone for coming and for waiting in the long line for autographs. I loved meeting all of you. Please keep checking our site for upcoming concerts. I have many that I have yet to post!

Thank you, NYC Parks Department for such a terrific honor.

Princess Katie