Monday, April 30, 2007

Spare The Rock With A Cup and Top!

Dearest Darling Diary:

So, we left the Kingdom really, really early on Saturday morning and made our way to Northampton, MA! We were very excited to perform in a new space (Cup and Top) and chit-chat on the radio with Bill, Ella and Liam on the radio (Spare The Rock -!

After hanging out with Ella and Liam and watch them run up and down the halls of the radio show, we perched ourselves in front of the mics and sang some songs acoustically and answered some questions. We played, "It's Not Mine" because the Gooney Bird Kids love that song, "The Pillow" which is a new song that I wrote. It's a bossa nova and I looooove it...especially with the band because Super Chef Jeff is great with the rim shot (hitting the side of the drum with the stick) and "Tell The Truth" which is just a relaxing, sweet song to sing. Okay, so our music isn't exactly "relaxing" but that song is easy on the voice.

Bill, Ella and Liam were so friendly and such a really close family, it's nice to be around them. In fact, I found all of the parents to be very involved and interested in their children...what's more important?

After the radio show, we headed over to Cup and Top cafe where Helen and her crew were beyond welcoming and friendly. We had SO MUCH FUN. Everyone was in the mood to dance, the parents were smiling, the kids were dancing, the scones were being eaten and I just loved it. I've definitely found what I love to do in life - perform while watching kids have a great time! That, for me, is the ultimate.

I had some of the girls hold up the "Tell The Truth" sign, Persephone told me that Ringo was her favorite Beatle and Ella was her usual brilliant self, having an answer for every question I asked.

Thank you Northampton! Thank you Cup and Top! Thank you Spare The Rock for having us and putting this all together. It was a great invite.

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Come see us Rock Central Park on Saturday - Central Park Band Shell 5/5 @ 1 pm (enter at 72nd Street - East Side).

Most Medievally yours,

Princess Katie