Sunday, January 20, 2008


Dear Diary:

Today's show was PACKED! I could not believe my eyes. There was just rows and rows of kids and parents smushed up against one another, kids climbing on parent's shoulders, other kids trying to climb on those kids, parents climbing over get the was nuts!

We promise to make the next concert at Chelsea Market in the back near the 10th Avenue entrance. It was 24 degrees in NYC this morning and to have such a turnout was just did you all get out of your cozy beds to make a concert at 10:30 am? Pray tell!

We had an amazing concert with you all and hope you had fun!

On another note, I've posted another blog at Hilltown Families giving a little insight into life in the Kingdom. Click the title of this post to read it!

Thank thee kindly for attending and check the "shows" section of our site for upcoming shows!

Feisty, I remain,

Princess Katie