Saturday, January 12, 2008


Dear Darlin' Diary!

Today was fantastic. We had a packed house for our CD Release Concert for Fast & Feisty and I must say that between the racing flags, glow sticks, costumes, flashing lights, signs and PKRS Wheel of Rock, there was so much to do and see. It was a great show and so much fun to perform the new music!

This coming Sunday (January 20th) we're going to be at the Chelsea Market for a free show! We're having a sneakers concert to celebrate our new song, Sneakers!

The show starts...well, I just tell ya everything....

Sunday, January 20th
10:30 am
Chelsea Market
75 9th Avenue
(15th & 16th Streets)

We're really excited because we've been getting really nice reviews about our CD, Fast & Feisty! Check out what Cool Mom Picks had to say:

Royally Rocking
Right now, with writers striking and award shows canceling, we're in need of some good entertaining. Thank goodness for Princess Katie & Racer Steve stepping in to save the day by pre-releasing Fast & Feisty, a fast (and feisty) tribute to all that's great about kids music.

The album features ten songs and four skits of pure musical goodness. Songs like Holidays swing, Sneakers rocks, The Pillow cha cha chas, while Go Go Go! uh, goes. And all the while, lead singer Princess Katie (nee Kathleen O'Sullivan) sings her big heart out with her perfected Natalie Merchant sound sprinkled with swirlies of Diana Krall, Edie Brickell and The Sundays. Yeah, that's right. I said The Sundays.

Don't let the cartoon character concept scare you. This is a seriously great band. Plus, I hear they are fantastic live performers. Fantastic live performers who are currently allowed to perform without crossing a picket line. -Laura, Cool Mom Picks!