Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ah, The Day Of Love

Happy Valentine's Day, Kids! Today is a great day to tell your parents, grandma, grandpa, uncle, aunt, or friend that you love and care about them!

As for me, well, I woke up this morning, stood on the balcony of the castle and with a loud voice shouted, "I love all of you! Happy Valentine's Day!"

A few people sleepily shouted back, "Hey, it's early, we're still sleeping, can you start screaming at 10 am in the future?"

Yikes! I think I'll probably just send cards next year. Some of the sleepy voices didn't seem too pleased. Oh well! What else are you supposed to do with a balcony other than shout off of it, right?

I think it's not very often that we stop to tell people we love them. We're all so busy playing, going to school, reading or on our computers. But, without other people who love us, life gets pretty matter how much stuff we have to do!

So, take the time today and tell someone you love them. Oh, but I wouldn't recommend screaming it from a balcony before 10 in the morning.

Here's hoping your moat is crocodile-free!

Princess Katie