Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I love the Earth.

Dear Diary:

There's been so much talk lately about the Earth and how we need to start taking better care of it. The truth is, whenever we don't take care of things, they fall apart. I think of my bike. If I leave it out in the rain, never clean it off and never fill the tires with air, it's not going to last very long.

Well, it's the same thing with the earth. So, I decided to look up on my computer and find out some of the ways I can help care for the Earth and from my reading, this is what I've decided I am going to do:

1. I'm turning off my computer, TV and lights when I am finished with them. This helps save energy.
2. I'm not keeping the water running when I'm not using it. I'm also taking shorter showers.
3. I make sure my dishwasher is totally full so that I don't waste water doing several loads.
4. When I go to the market, I bring a cart on wheels. I wheel it through the store, put my items in it and then when I pay for them, I don't need to use any paper or plastic bags. Then I just wheel the cart into the castle and voila! No waste!
5. I recycle plastic, paper, glass and metal. It's fun knowing that these items will be used again.
6. Although I live surrounded by a forest, you can never have enough trees. Trees suck up the bad air and create good, clean air for us to breathe...isn't that cool? So, whenever I get the chance, I plant a tree. It's also a lot of fun to watch it grow.

There's a lot of other ways for us to take care of the Earth, but these are just a few great ones that kids can do with their families.

Thanks for reading and keep rocking royally!

Princess Katie