Sunday, February 11, 2007


Dearest Darling Diary:

Wow! Today was soooo much fun. We did 2 shows at the Chelsea Market Music Hallway in NYC and it was GREAT! The kids were dancing and singing and parents were moving and shaking! All the kids were dressed sooo cute! We did square dancing, a conga line, we had a mini-mosh pit during "Jeans" and learned to sing, "Tell The Truth" (complete with a cue card)!

I even got several emails from kids before I even returned home to the Kingdom (horse and carriage takes a lot longer than these "cars" that everyone in New York drives)!

The Chelsea Market is such a beautiful place - check it out online. It has so much history and has been so well-preserved. It was a gorgeous place to play music.

Thanks to the parents for bringing your kids and thanks kids for just being kids.

Off to feed my pet dragon, I remain,

Princess Katie